Workwear: Office Dress Code For Women

If your employee handbook or HR joining letter or networking event invitation mentions  dress code:  “business casual”, what exactly does that mean??

Suit or Leggings?

Sandals or Block Heels?

Formal Shirt or are Jeans alright?

These might be some questions you might find yourself asking. If you want to fit in and be respected at the workplace, it is important to know what is appropriate and the acceptable business dress code. However, for some ladies it could be difficult to interpret what is acceptable – and what isn’t -and to select the right office wear.

Due to the current 2020 pandemic situation where most of us ladies might be working from home, the term “office wear” could mean anything from a collared blouse to jeans and a top.

So while the office dress code for females are a bit more relaxed and the norms are becoming more open-ended, it does create a certain kind of confusion when we have to schedule meetings/discussions with employees of different levels within the same organisation, or with clients and other stakeholders.  


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