What it takes to communicate effectively?

Communication Skills is one of the top most skills today that is required everywhere, be it in your home, education, career, business, education, entrepreneurship, community, anything basically.
  • Is it really possible to reduce Communication gap?
  • Why is Communication process so important?
  • Does Communication in business has a vital role to play?
Would one stop answer for all of it is Communication skills training? Or are we hop over  it for no reason?Now let me ask you one question…If communication is all about being clear, precise, relevant, interesting, audio visual based,  well structured, focused, grammatically correct and professional, then why don’t we all buy things that we see in advertisements?
  • So there is much more to communication than this. What is it then?
How do companies like Apple get sales without many ads? Why do people line up before even the phones are released?
  • There is a trust component there.
We all know that the stars or celebrities promote products might actually not use them, but they may be doing it just for monetary reasons.
  • There is a factor that is influencing , as we respect them and believe when they say
So far we spoke about 3 things.For effective Communication we need 3 things
  1. Good communication
  2. Trust
  3. Respect
Think for a while wherever communication gap is happening be it in your personal life or professional life. One of it may be missing.We might trust and respect top management, but we may not have any communication from them.We might have good communication with our colleagues and even may respect them. But we may be considering them as threat and not trusting themWe might be having good communication and trust with our loved ones. But when they same some thing, we might be taking it light and not respecting their suggestions…We can go on and on with many examples, Am sure if you reflect for a while you realize one of this would have played a big role wherever Communication Gap has happened.One of the biggest challenges when it comes to communication is getting attention from the opposite side:
  • Look at the number of calls that we abruptly end when it is a promotional call, seeking donation call or spam call. We have closed our minds and consider it as waste of time.
Communication is complete when there is two way communication, otherwise it is incomplete if it only one that is trying to reach out and opposite is not ready to listen. I am sure you can relate it in your personal and professional life.
  • Do you remember situations where one nodding their head and you felt they understood everything. But when asked questions, you realize they dint given full attention.
Look at online education. We would be listening half and doing multi tasking. We would remember some but not the full thing which was intended for us.
  • Another thing is barriers related to physical, psychological, language, technical, etc
Communication requires enabling environment. It needs good connectivity without much disturbances and interruptions. Having low signal effects our online education. In similar manner, there can be many barriers, be it the language may be difficult to follow, we are physically present and mentally absent, or it could be that we are not allowed to speak to someone in organization directly without following step ladder policy, etcWhy do we speak the way we do?Communication is not something that can be trained over night. We are what we are due to our gender, culture, experiences, bringing up and many more things. We are byproduct of lot of things.Whenever we tremble upon not being able to speak that we wanted to, we need to introspect and ask ourselves what went wrong.
  • Am I fearful of being judged?
  • Do I feel I lack knowledge?
  • Am I scared that I can’t speak like the one who spoke before me, Comparison?
  • Am I just saying from mouth, but actually I do not believe in it?
  • Am I concerned that I may directly or indirectly get myself into trouble unknowingly?
  • Did I not practice enough?
What is it that is bothering me? What am I scared of ?The person that we speak most with is our own ‘self’.  Unless we start conversing with our own self we will not be able to better our communication.  That is why many suggest that we stand in front of mirror and practice?Just like how we check our appearance in mirror before going out somewhere, we need to check ourselves with our communication. We need to identify what words or what concepts are we finding it difficult to express? And why?When our belief system, our words and our actions are in sync, it is much easier to communicate.  That is why it is important to practice before we preach. That instills confidence in us, as we don’t need to remember what is acceptable to audience about ourselves.When you hear someone talking about prohibiting smoking , and see that it is the same person who is a chain smoker, how would you feel? One of the reasons why people fail to speak well is because they are doing something, but talking completely opposite.Another thing is we have to practice with small audience who does not mock us, rather encourage us by telling where we have to improve. So always practice infront of people who are genuine about you and knowledgeable, so that they can help you identify your mistakes and correct it.Hope I am able to put forth my view point. I would be happy to answer your questions if any. Please comment below.

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