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Marketing,Yes, we all are aware of the term “ Marketing” and we know the definition of it. Every individual has its own definition, its own idea about marketing.But how many of you know the Success mantra of Digital Marketing?Definitely very rare of you!Many of you start learning digital marketing with the wrong mindset. Digital marketing is more about marketing than digital. A lot of people who start learning Digital marketing is focused on learning digital tools like google ads, SEO, SMM, Facebook ads, Instagram, and whatnot.All this thing leads to a negative result and this is because of a lack of knowledge about the fundamentals of marketing. A digital platform is just a medium, which helps with marketing.The Success mantra of digital marketing is Starts with an understanding of the fundamentals of marketing.When you understand the marketing fundamentals very well, digital marketing is becoming very easy.It’s a very dynamic field, you have to upgrade your skills on a daily basis but the techniques used for the marketing are the same. Marketing is not going to change even after 100 yrs.In this article, you will get to know brief knowledge of the basics of marketing.Which I learned in the Digital Marketing Internship Program in my second week of the program from my mentor and India’s No.1 digital marketer MR. Deepak Kanakaraju Aka Digital Deepak.  If you would join the Digital Dipak Internship Program, Register Here..Let’s start from the basics of marketing before we start, I would suggest you to seat with a cup of coffee or tea, it will hardly take your 15-20 mins but believe me you definitely find it interesting and of course informative.THE LAW OF MARKETINGMany of you think that marketing is the art of selling products/services by making creative ads, creative slogans, or creative products. NO…! It’s Not true…Marketing is based on Science, not on Creativity.Now maybe you are thinking that how marketing is not the creativity of making ads and slogans and not an art.Wait…Till the end, I will surely convince you that marketing is purely based on SCIENCE.Many people think that marketing is just about selling a product/service which already exists. What I believe is Marketing starts before creating a product. It starts with understanding the customer and customer’s need, which leads to creating a product that fits.For Ex- Zomato, OLA, OYO these multibillionaire companies understand the need for customers to create their product and then they market it.Zomato which is in a food delivery doesn’t have its own single restaurant.Ola offers a cab for nearby locations or a taxi service at a low price and doesn’t have a single car or taxi.Oyo is an Indian hospitality chain of leased and Franchised hotels, doesn’t have their single hotel. Marketing is about sending the right Massage to the Right Person at the right time.  Marketing is all about targeting the right audience and sending them the right message at the right time. In this process, everything plays a very vital role to make an easy doing marketing. Targeting an audience can be done by various methods.In Digital marketing you can target your audience by several methods and several times, it is also called retargeting. You can target your audience by their behavior, by applying demographic criteria or by creating a custom audience.In traditional marketing, you target your audience by advertising on TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, etc. In traditional marketing, you can’t track your audience where it comes from. It’s a little bit difficult to track in traditional marketing. Analysis of your audience, their purchase behavior, and then targeting them with good content at the right time is nothing but a SCIENCE.I think now you will get your answer, why I said Marketing is based on SCIENCE.Isn’t this interesting. Just be with me, I will be going to tell you more interesting facts about marketing.
Marketing is not just about selling a product/ service only once to a particular customer.
 It is also keeping an existing customer happy by communicating with them so that they can remain a customer for life.Many marketers think marketing is something you can do until the transaction is done. NO….! Marketing is something which starts before creating a product or services, then marketing is going to be there while you are making the marketing of it. Marketing is there even after the purchase is done, to encourage them to purchase a product/ service from you again and again.Marketing is all about building a Trust. My mentor Digital Deepak coined the word, #MASSTRUST.You need to develop a Masstrust with your customer, so they can trust you and your product which leads them to be your regular customer. Marketing is means to an END… Maybe you are thinking that what Vishwas is saying? Definitely, I am sounding stupid to you.Wait Wait Wait… Give me a moment to explain it. I want to ask you one question; you can answer it below in the comment box.So, my question is Why we do marketing? What is the purpose of marketing?  I believe the purpose of marketing is to build a brand and capture a position in the mind of the consumers. Once you have a very strong brand, then the requirement of marketing is going down.I think now it is clear to you. When we look around, we will find plenty of products which are making their ads continuously on TV, Radio, newspapers, etc. But there are also many such products or brands which don’t need marketing for their product now. Ok, let’s see the example –Just start with the PARLE-G, each one of us tastes it once in a lifetime or even using it daily. Parle G is a glucose biscuit, but now it’s become a Verb. The product doesn’t need marketing anymore.XEROX – You all aware of this, Xerox is a company that manufactures machines used for a photocopy of any documents, but it also a verb we used for photocopy.OLD MONK – The king of cults in India. The most drinking rum in India. A company never spend a single penny on marketing or advertising the drink. The drink sells for its taste not for music series, or glasses like many other companies in the same sector. 
“Marketing aims to know and understand the customer so well that product or service fits him and sells itself … Marketing aims to make selling superfluous” – Peter Drucker
 A great product converts your customer into a brand ambassador. Word of mouth is going to be your biggest marketing asset. At that time your product will reach there until you need to marketing. After that, it’s your call, if you want to do marketing you can do otherwise no need for that. Marketing is a game of Perception.Marketing is a very dangerous skill to learn. Sometimes people who are good at marketing used it in an unethical way to sell a very low-quality product at a high price. When you develop a high-quality product, then marketing is not needed. A great product sells itself. Never let marketing become more important than your product. Advertising, Copywriting/content writing / Sales is just one of the components of marketing. Many people get confused about the above things, but it is not true. Marketing is just encapsulating everything. Marketing is not just helping people to discover the product, but also has a good perception of the product. For Ex-Apple. Apple becomes a huge brand, any product of Apple now becomes a status symbol. People buy Apple’s product to showcase it to society. There is no doubt that Apple products are the best in their segment. This is all about the fundamentals of marketing. You have to keep in mind all these things while starting a business.I would like to conclude here by saying that, although it may seem that you know everything, but believe me, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Marketing is a vast subject where you can keep learning new things every single day!In the upcoming time, I will keep posting about the things which help me to know deeper about marketing. Which I learned in the Digital Deepak Internship program. These are –1) Why You Should Learn and Masters in Marketing.2) Importance of Communication Skills in Marketing.3) Global Economics and Marketing.4) Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing.5) The CATT Marketing Funnel.6) Integrated Digital Marketing7) Building A Personal Brand Thank you for reading until the end. It would be appreciated if you leave a comment about your views on marketing in the above write up. And if it helped you in the way, don’t forget to clap for it! If you want to learn Digital Marketing from the scratch with a practical approach , Register Here.Thank you!

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