How to get Your Apple iPhone Repaired for Free : Check Eligibility


World most renowned Mobile phone company has announced the free repair for one of its most selling iPhone Model – The iPhone 11.

If you are the iPhone 11 user and are facing some of the problem with your iPhone , then this free Repair is what might help you with the issues in your Phone.

If there are any Display problems with your phone , just give the free repair a shot. Here are 8 Things that will help you with the iPhone 11 Repair Program.

  1. According to apple a small number of iPhone 11 display screen are having some technical issues.
  2. The iPhone 11 with this technical issue may stop responding to touch with some issue with the display module.
  3. The manufacturing date of the iPhone 11 models was done some where between November 2019 and May 2020.
  4. If you have the iPhone 11 with the same issue you can get your Phone replaced from Apple-of-COST.
  5. Check your Phone Eligibility :
    To check if your model of iPhone 11 is eligible for the free replacement , you need to enter the serial number of your iPhone 11 on Apple Support Website. 
  6. If your iPhone 11 falls under the eligibility program, find the Apple authorized center to get it replaced.
  7. If you have paid to get your device repaired at the Apple authorized center for the same issue- then, Apple will also refund you the repair cost.
  8. If you are an iPhone 11 user only then you are eligible to this program.

We recommend you to take the backup of your Phone’s Data before going for the repair.

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