How To Become A Successful Freelancer in 2021

Freelancers, an agent of change. They are the people who are innovative, take calculated risk, who do things in an unusual way, spot opportunities and exploit them. Who does not want to be stuck with the 9-5 life. They want to work on their own conditions, want to be their own boss. Freelancers, driven by an intense commitment, determined perseverance and hard work. They are the kind of people who see Cup Half Full rather Than half Empty. They are self-motivated, self-driven. Their drive to achieve big and grow motivates them to work hard. They always look for the opportunities with the aim of growing. They always believe in and invest in self-development.

For becoming a successful freelancer you should be passionate and always aim higher than the normal high. In this article you will learn what differentiates the successful freelancers from the others. The successful freelancers follow and practice some practices and mantras for their success. To be a successful Freelancer you also need to practice the following traits:

1)      Be Confident: Always believe in yourself and never say you can’t do it even if the task seems impossible at that instant of time. If there is something you don’t know how to do it, take it as a challenge on how to complete the task. Understand the problem, analyze risks involved, study it, and find a solution for it.

2)      Be Resourceful: Never hesitate to call someone or talk to someone related to work. Build a strong network. Having a strong network always comes in handy. Be in the company of the like minded people who always thrive to grow and learn.

3)      Should have the ability to take calculated risks: Freelancers are online entrepreneurs. You should have the ability to take calculated risks. A calculated risk is never too big of a risk. You should always have the proper reasoning to differentiate between a calculated risk and an uncalculated risk.

4)      Always be Opportunity Oriented: Always be ready to look for the opportunities to learn and grow. Always remember that you got into freelancing to grow. The goal orientation teaches when to move forward with the opportunities and to know when to say “No”.

5)      Be a Problem Solver: Freelancers are not intimidated by the problem. In fact, the main task of the freelancer is to solve the problem. Remember, People / companies only hire or list for freelancers when they are facing problems. So they would be entering into a contract with you to solve their problem. A problem of theirs is always an opportunity of yours.

6)      Always Ask for Feedbacks : Always ask for client’s feedback and testimonials. Feedback and testimonials will always help you in getting your next project. Display your client’s testimonials on your website it increases your trustworthiness and reputation in mind of your next clients.

7)      Be Time Oriented: Always be time oriented and be punctual. Always set a clear deadline for a project or activity. You should time from your clients to study and understand their problems and find them a proper solution. You should always set a proper timeline with your clients. Take proper note of the Time zone differences and always try to finish and deliver the results on time.

8)      You should have the ability to compete and collaborate simultaneously:  Very few people ever talk about this, but you should be flexible to compete with the people and collaborate at the same time. You should be open to collaboration on projects.

9)      Team Building:  Being a freelancer doesn’t mean that you will always work alone. As I said Freelancers are just like entrepreneurs. Time has revealed that a successful freelancer always stars his/her own company or business. Thus you need a team of like minded people who you can work with and can collaborate on projects at the time of need.

10)   Be Vision Oriented:  Freelancers always know where they want to go. They always have the answers in their minds. Like some enter into businesses, some start their own companies, some gain experience by freelancing to build a strong CV and some adopt it as a full time career. Always be clear about your goal and vision.

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