GIFTOLOGY-Science of Gifting

A complete guide to gifting, how to use the science of gifting to improve relationships. It also gives an overview of how personalized gifting is so special.

“Giving is the master key to success in all applications of human life.”

“Over the period, the exchange of gifts has held humans together. It has made it possible to bridge the deep differences and gaps where language struggles.”
Gifting is prevalent in personal relations and corporate affairs.

Why Gifting?
We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

The gift is a symbol of relationship, a focus on it will make a lasting impression. Gift-giving and all those little touches become a symbol of value you place on the relationship.

In every relationship or business affair, the other person is spending time with you which is the precious commodity one has to share, so the concept of gift-giving is rooted in the acknowledgment of their time and reciprocating it.

It is the thought that counts- with the gift one can signal how they are caring and make someone special.

When you show love and care through gifting, it reciprocates in multiples.

Imagine when you give someone something that he or she will love daily, that’s 365 positive impressions per year for the price of one gift. The return is priceless

Gifting Market and Trends:
As per the Qwikcilver study, the Indian gift market is expected to grow to the tune of $84 billion by 2024 from the present $65 million and the global gifting market is about to touch $475 billion.

Factors which helped in increase in the gifting industry:
Growing consumerism:

With such a large population Indian consumer spending is about to grow from $1.5 trillion to $6 trillion by 2030 and just placed after US and china.

Internet penetration :
With huge mobile penetration to smaller towns and villages and when 97% of mobile users use the internet, it is bound to use mobile internet for e-commerce or placing an order online. Internet facilitated in choosing and hassle-free delivery of different products.


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