CHAPTER 1GETTING STARTED WITH DIGITAL MARKETING: BEGINNERS GUIDE 2020If you don’t know anything about digital marketing, then you are at the right place. This article will help you in building your digital marketing basics.So, lets get started!!!

Digital Marketing is simply marketing. And marketing is creating awareness and interest about your product or service through promotion that it generates desire in people to buy your product or service. The only difference in Digital Marketing is that it uses TECHNOLOGY.

Technology in the sense it uses internet and online digital technology such as computers, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones to promote and sell a product or service. Strategies or techniques used for digital marketing are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, Affiliate marketing, and Video Marketing. Now that you are familiar with digital marketing lets understand why digital marketing is becoming so important?

WHY DIGITAL MARKETING IS IMPORTANT? Do you know the number of internet users in the world? Its 4.66 billion users worldwide. It’s around 60% of the world population. And it’s growing every year. Amazing!! Isn’t it? And these 4.66 billion people can be our potential customers. But you must be wondering how? The answer to that question is digital has the power to connect with these people online with just a click. Technology and internet have become a very important part of everyone’s life.

For Example: if you have to buy a phone what is the first thing that you do? Go on the internet search about the phone and its review. Right? You can see how deeply rooted technology in our lives is. And thus, the growing importance of digital marketing. Because the most important rule of the marketing is connecting with people in the right place at the right time. Which means you need connect and meet them where they are spending the most time and that is on the internet.  


While stepping into the field of digital marketing its important to understand the basic meaning of components and techniques of digital marketing.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION(SEO): Optimizing the content on your website in a way that it matches the query made by the user on search engine and ranks higher in the  search engines result page in organic results or unpaid results that it increases the quantity and quality of the traffic on your website or webpage.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: It is the way of communicating, connecting and engaging with people on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc to promote, build awareness, direct users to your website and sell products or service.

AFFILIATE MARKETING: when the owner of the product gives permission to sell his/her product to other marketers to dive sales for them. Marketer receives commission for the number of sales that he made from his referrals. Affiliate does not get any money until and unless he sells the product of the owner. This type of marketing is performance based.  

EMAIL MARKETING: is a process of sending a commercial message to people, typically to a group of people who are using email. In its wider sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer to attract and engage them in your products and services could be considered as email marketing. It involves using email to send advertisements about certain products and services, request business, or solicit sales or contributions.  

PPC (PAY PER CLICK): PPC is an online marketing tool during which advertisers pay whenever a user clicks on one among their online ads. There are many types of PPC ads, but one of them is that the paid search ad. These ads appear when people look for things through search engine like Google – especially once they are performing any commercial searches.  

VIDEO MARKETING: Using video to promote and sell your product or service. For Example: You must have seen YouTube ads it’s a great example of video marketing. Videos bring story to life. And people are most likely to remember visual content than just text.  


Before the advent of digital marketing it was difficult to reach mass people locally and globally because carrying out traditional marketing activities at bigger scale was very expensive; only companies with huge capital could afford that. But now with just a click business can connect with people with the help of digital marketing. Digital marketing is viable option for any business whether a start-up or and established business.  


People are connected through internet and they can communicate whenever they want it does not matter where they are which gives Digital Marketing the power to reach people globally. You don’t have to go door to door or set up billboards in every city to promote your product or service. You can be sitting at any corner of the globe and your message will reach everyone.


Now companies can directly interact with their current or potential customers. People are now more involved with the company. For Example: People can regularly give feedback, if they have any query, they can just write a email and the email will be answered in 24hrs or less, share their views on social media about the product, etc. Companies regularly interact with customers on social media platforms, they can know their opinions, they can carry out a survey to know their customers more and directly ask them what they like and what they don’t like, what improvements can be done. Digital marketing has given the opportunity In traditional marketing it was difficult to connect with people directly as there was no medium in between to connect.


Can you imagine the cost of advertising on billboard in India? Minimum cost is 50,000!! Just for a single billboard. Imagine the expense you would incur if you advertised in every city. And not everyone can afford that. Whereas digital marketing can help you reach thousands and lakhs of people cheaper than the minimum cost of the single billboard. And for small businesses and start-ups it’s the most viable option.


The best thing about digital marketing is that you can track and measure results and performance in real time. Which gives a clear idea where you stand and what further action you can take. For Example: Google Analytics helps a user in tracking and reporting the traffic on website. It’s gives the picture of real time users on your website. It monitors, collects and compiles data in a useful report to give you deeper insights and you can take further actions on the basis of the report and make changes if needed. Google Analytics is just one example. There are many tools which helps in monitoring results and performance like Google Search Console, Mail Chimp, ConvertKit, Hubspot, SEM Rush, and many more.  


Segmenting helps in identifying the group of people that your company is going to target and create personalised content and ads that matches their needs. This segmentation can be based on demographics, geographics, psychographic and behavioural. For Example: If someone has an online store for women clothes. They can run an ad only targeted to women. These ads also have the option to choose the age range, location they want to target. Its helps in ensuring more sales and cutting down costs.


Ads are only shown to users whose preferences matches with your product or service. Personalised content can be created according to target audience which boosts conversions and cuts down unnecessary costs. For Example: You must have experienced that you are searching for a product like books and bikes and then you see similar ads for the products you were searching for on your social media. That is precise targeting! Social media and google has a very smart algorithm that collects user data and studies their behaviour online and shows ads that matches user intent.


Its easy to measure whether your digital marketing efforts are working or not. You don’t have to wait for the whole campaign to get over to measure the success of the campaign. You can see the results in real time. For Example: It helps you in identifying from which social media platform you are getting the most traffic from. And then you can focus more on that platform And campaigns can be stopped, paused, and resumed at any point of time. If you don’t like how your campaigns are performing, you can then and there make improvements.


It’s easy to adjust the budget of the campaign according to the results that campaign is delivering. Invest in the high performing campaign or stop the low performing campaign. You have the option to run campaign according to your budget there is no hard and fast rule that you have to put lot of money into campaigns. You can adjust the number of campaigns that you are running at any time. Changes can be made in campaigns at any point of time. You can also run multiple campaigns as per your choice.    

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