Deep understanding of SEO basics in 2020

deep understanding of seo basics

The primary purpose of a search engine is to deliver relevant and quality results. There are multiple purposes for relevancy. For example when you search for an Italian restaurant and when you get a Japanese restaurant as a result, that’s not a relevant result. Relevancy is important in search queries and second is quality. The list has to be made useful where you want to buy or go to a particular place. When we try to search for restaurants near us and we get results that are in different places, it is not a quality result. For this to occur in relevancy, on-page SEO and off-page SEO are important. On-page SEO is usually the responsibility of the webmaster as the website owner has control of what content is on his website. Webmaster communicates with search engine what the website is about and google search engine let us know what people are searching for and relevant to users. Off-page SEO is under indirect control. Back-linking plays an important role in Off-Page SEO. You will get a lot of backlinks when you publish content regularly and quality content. Google checks those backlinks how users are finding that content relevant and then ranks the website based on the backlinks.


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