Customer Service Post Covid

During Covid 19 pandemic, all the business was closed.

The Financial, Real Estate, and Retail Industries are the worst affected sector in the Indian economy.

Now unlock has opened the economy. The pace of the recovering economy will be slow. The retail sector is one of the affected sectors. The retail industry drives a major portion of employment generation. After unlocking the pandemic situation, most of the retail brands are running a business with limited manpower.

To drive sales most organizations have started doing digital marketing.

Customer service is important in every business. The businesses have an ample amount of stock inside the store, to serve the customer requirement. The entrepreneurs and the employees have to push themselves the extra mile to achieve the desired sale. After-sales service is always important to all industries to retain customers.

It explains in the one article of POST COVID- Issues of customer service & Inventory

it gives you an idea of improving situation at store level. Various levels of actions that every retail organization has to take, to smooth the process.

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