Best Email Marketing For Coaches

If you are a digital coach and want to grow your coaching business online then you should use email marketing.

It will help you drive traffic and bring new coaching clients, make current customers buy more and make them your fans and promoters.

How does email marketing work for your coaching business?

4 stages of email marketing:

1 Create an Email list

2 Educate/Entertain and  Nurture your Email list

3 Make your email list subscribers your future customers

4 Make them your fans and promoters

So let’s discuss each part.

1 Create an Email list

To build an email list you have to use the landing/opt-in page where the potential client will enter their email and other details.

Generally, we use a lead magnet to bribe our lead.

We give them a free strategy session, free pdf guide or anything that is valuable in exchange for their email address.

2 Educate/Entertain and  Nurture your Email list

In the next phase, we’ll send emails to our potential clients.

Mostly you should start with awareness emails, where you give them information about yourself, your personality, your mission and vision statement etc.

Then you educate them by sending valuable content over emails.

Then you will send emails which will be entertaining.

The whole point of this stage is to make them aware of you, your coaching business and the way you live your life and do business.

At the end of this stage, they will know you, like you and trust you.

3 Make your email list subscribers your future customers

In this stage, we will start sending promotional emails to them.

The point is now they trust you, like you so it’s your time to introduce your coaching services to them.

Start with low ticket offers and then approach with you high ticket offers.

Let them know that you have services that can help them achieve the desired result.

4 Make them your fans and promoters

After you put your coaching services in front of them some will buy to try you out.

And if you provide them with amazing results, which you have to do.

Then they will become fans of yours and loyal to you.

They will become your advocates and refer you to their friend and family.

That’s how each stage of email marketing works for your coaching business.

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