8 Digital Transformation Trends

ooking back a decade, you will be reminded how, at that moment, which seems so far back in the past, we were entering into an entirely new world — blurring the physical and digital boundaries. Since then, savvy businesses have achieved competitive advantage by embracing top digital transformation trends that were underway.

The trends discussed here are primarily based on a worldwide survey of more than a hundred senior executives from the IT, healthcare, media, and manufacturing industry trying to stay ahead of the game by sensing new possibilities, innovations and defining their strategic journey beyond the digital frontier.

Eight digital technology trends for 2020, exploring their benefits, challenges, and impact on the business landscape are as follows:

1.Data Analytics

Data is an untapped goldmine since the advent of the digital landscape and thus have remained one of the top digital transformation trends since then. Business leaders across all the industries are trying to step into this goldmine to unlock its real potential, thereby laying the foundation of their digital transformation strategy on data.

Data, along with artificial intelligence — one of the top digital transformation trends 2020 — will be the mission-critical capability for businesses to thrive in this cut-throat digital ecosystem.

2. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

Organizations have never been alone on their digital transformation journey; customers have always been on the parallel road, embracing new technologies at break-neck speed.

Customers are getting smarter, and those halcyon days when businesses used to invest in just single data management software — usually a CRM — are over. Data platforms like CRM, CMS, and DXP fail to go in-depth and miss some essential digital signals provided by customers.

Platforms like CRM and DXP are no longer digital transformation trends. Organizations have started to see the adverse impact of such fragmented customer data, thereby resulting in impersonal customer experience.

Customer Data Platform (CDP), one of our 2020 digital technology trends, is an integrated customer database that helps businesses in unified data collection, processing, consolidation, activation, and execution from online and offline channels.

3. Digital Security

The principle of DevOps is drastically changing the way digital organizations innovate. As businesses are on the path of digital transformation — integrating development and IT operations under a “single automated umbrella”— business leaders have realized that approaches to incorporate security into new digital products and platforms do not keep up with the pace of technology innovation.

This has cemented the view that security is the biggest bottleneck that businesses face on their road to digital transformation. Thus, digital security is one of the top digital transformation trends 2020 that will drive the business landscape.

4. Connected Clouds (Public, Private, Hybrid)

Rather than a digital transformation technology trend, consider this as the continued evolution in the field of cloud adoption. Organizations currently realize that just going all public clouds, private clouds, or only data centers is not the best option. Their needs vary, and a single choice becomes increasingly restrictive over time.

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