5 Tips to Sell Your Services Profitably

Are you struggling to get new clients for your services ?

Do you feel that you are underselling your services ?

How come people don’t understand the value of my services?

It’s a tricky situation to be in when you are just starting out because services are invisible and they are subjective.

There is a big difference between a product and a service.

Product is a tangible item which you can touch, feel and compare the features to meet your expectations. You can visit any shop to see a practical demo of the product and then decide if it is a good product for you or not.

On the other hand services are intangible, invisible and subjective. Most of the prospects don’t know whether as a service provider you will be able to deliver on the promises until they have given you the money.

For example a barber giving a haircut will produce a different result when compared with his colleague just standing next to him.

The same analogy goes for all kinds of services, the end result is mostly dependent on the person who is executing the task.

It means your skills, expertise and personality are the Product. Simply put YOU are the Product.

All the service-based businesses depend on YOU, your expertise, the value-adds which you bring to the table and your problem-solving capability to address any concerns of your clientele.

First of all, Let us get one thing clear. No one is obligated to buy your services.

Without clients/sales any business is sure to fail.

It is our responsibility to communicate the value of our services to the prospects.

Selling services is not as difficult as it sounds. But with the right methods, you can easily sell your services profitably.

This post will help you to sell your services effectively and profitably.

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