5 growth hacks you can steal from conflict resolution activities

Today, conflict resolution is an hot saucy topic, whether you talk about relationship management, negotiation, collective bargaining. The main problem is that we don’t know the person inside us and this is the reason where we are lacking in maintaining terms with others. It is so easy for you to say, I am good with my friend, I am good with my family and blah blah blah!!!! The answer is you don’t see the reality behind it which I mentioned above. For this situation, I come up with 5 growth hacks that can help you to steal by doing such exercises in your real life.

  1. Ice-breaking session to make it more engaging so that everyone participates and has a good understanding of each other.
  2. Ask me anything where you are allowed to answer the questions and a good chance to test your personality in terms of relations
  3. Active listening exercise where you are allowed to ask participants to form pairs and explain each of them the whole process of the task behind that.
  4. Role-play exercise where you are allowed to play the role and act with the members.
  5. Playing games will help you to get learn and figuring out the things and rules together.

I hope you get something new to learn but I will keep you posted with such articles. Lemme know your thoughts Cheers Drishan Vig Content Writer and Blogger 

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